Medical Resources

Please contact us if you have questions about specific doctors or treatment centers.

Crystal Beal, MD
(541) 604-8276

Dr. Beal wanted to be listed on this site as a provider. Here is a statement from her:

“I provide hormone therapy for gender expansive patients as well as surgery and mental health referrals if needed. I also do PrEP, STI Screening, and contraception. For patients residing in the state of Washington, we can do video visits as long as they have an internet connection and video capabilities, including mobile devices. You can see further information regarding services at

The costs associated are listed on the website, and this website is worth checking out. There is also a lot of really good information on it about Name Changes, Changing of the Birth Certificate, and more.

WPATH Standards of Care

These are the standards of care the medical community uses to treat transgender people. Insurance companies use this to help create their policies and procedures.

Gender Justice League

A great page with information about accessing insurance for trans coverage, specifically, here.

Hudson’s FTM Resource Guide

Information pertinent to the female to male transition in regards to hormones, surgeries, and gender expression.

TG Help

A helpful website for MTF and FTM transgender individuals in getting started with transition.

Apple Health FAQ

Very helpful information for those with Apple Health. If you need to know information on the transition process for Apple Health, including doctors, therapists, or surgeons, please contact us.

Mental Health Resources

Recovery Resources

While there seems to be limited local resources available for recovery for trans*folk that are truly inclusive for all gender identities, these resources are better focused on providing a safe environment for those among the gender variant spectrum: is a professional web guide that connects individuals struggling with addiction to treatment options. An estimated 20-30% of the LGBTQ community abuses substances, compared to about 9% of the general population. Specific treatment plans for the LGBTQ community are suggested, as they show sensitivity to their specific needs, ultimately giving a better chance at success in recovery. The goal of is to provide families and communities with helpful information and resources on substance abuse, addiction, and recovery options:

At Montana Alcohol Recovery you will discover a holistic approach to treatment that focuses on a luxurious lifestyle. This program offers several specialized services including a program geared toward the LGBT community, as well as outdoor adventure therapies: is focused on educating people on the whole treatment process: from selection, to what you can expect during treatment, to entering back into a healthy and more fulfilling life after the program ends. Many facilites offer programs specifically for the LGBTQ community, and will give them the best opportunity to overcome their addiction.

Suicide Prevention

If you are in crisis, there is a transgender specific hotline run by Trans Lifeline. However, they do get a high volume of calls and if they don’t answer, please call another suicide prevention hotline.

Trans Lifeline

First Call for Help

Trevor Suicide Prevention Line

Counseling Services

Transgender Care – Counseling and Mental Health
820 W 7th Ave
Spokane, WA

Marybeth Markham, MA, LMHC
820 West Seventh Avenue
Spokane, WA 99204